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The Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Mobilegoo explains that how we use the information of our members. By using our website, you are agreeable to the terms of the privacy policy. If you don’t agree with our policy, then you can prevent yourself from sharing your personal information on our website. We can modify this information anytime and therefore you can keep visiting our website for getting the knowledge of up to date information.

We are focusing on providing the best offers for our customers who want to sell their old mobile phones. We would refer you to the buyer who wants to buy the mobile phone which you want to sell. We won’t share your information until you don’t agree to submit a quote. You can get the best offers for your mobile phones after you will become a member of our family.

The information collected by us

We are focused to provide you safe and secure experienced. Whoever becomes the user of our services and applications is enabling us to collect the information like IP addresses, operating systems, device types, what you have searched for and what is your date and time of the visits on our website. When you want to become a member of our website, you will be asked to submit some details like name, email address, mail address and mobile number. You are free to visit the site anonymously.

We are using cookies to enhance the user experience by making it easy to gather the information and visiting the website. By getting your details, we are able to provide you the best services and features which would meet your needs. While doing this, we collect your personal information which is essential to completing the process.


We won’t share your personal information with anyone and it will remain confidential with us. We won’t share your information with the third parties without your permission. We can provide your personal information to the third parties only if we think that they may offer you better goods and services. If you would respond to the information provided by the third parties, your information will be subjected to the privacy policy of the third party.

Control of the personal information

We are not responsible for securing your personal information. You can choose to add or remove your personal details from time to time. However, there won’t be any transmission of your information on any other website. We can guarantee you absolute security in the relation of your personal information being shared with anyone else.

You can keep updating your personal information on our website. You can choose to delete or change any of your personal information which you have provided on Mobilegoo. After choosing to not receive the promotional communications from our website, you will receive service messages and party marketing messages. Don’t forget that even if you have removed your account and your personal information from our website, your information may be available at any other place where it is shared. We will only use your information only till your account is active on our website.

Adults policy

For using the Mobilegoo, you must be of eighteen years old at the least. You must be able to create your account and have the understanding to sell your digital products on our website. Whenever we find out that any user is below the age of eighteen, then at that time we remove the account immediately.

Cookies and advanced technology

We always use cookies to make your use the smooth running website. Cookies are helpful in understanding the better use of applications and websites. Cookies perform all the work by allowing the third party to analyze a website and recognize if the computer or device has visited the website or not. We are free to collect this information from the browsers which won’t contain any of your personal information. We also work with the advertising partners to place advertisements on our website. The use of cookies by our partners, tracking utility company is not covered under our privacy policy. We don’t have access or any kind of control over these cookies.

If you have any other queries regarding the points described in this privacy policy, then you can contact us directly.