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Terms and Conditions

The team at Mobilegoo is welcoming you to use its services. By using our application, you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions. So, please read them carefully before using the application. You can keep checking the regular updates on the terms and conditions on this page regularly. If you don’t agree with any of our terms and conditions, then you are free to not use our site in future.

Trademark and Copyright

The entire contents of Mobilegoo including the software, images, graphics, Mobilegoo logo are protected by the Indian/International copyright and trademark laws, all rights reserved. You will be subjected to the criminal penalties if there would be any violation of these restrictions would be seen. You can’t use Mobilegoo’s name, trademarks, logo on the other site without the permission of Mobilegoo.

Passwords and Privacy policy

Mobilegoo makes sure that your private information is kept safe. There would be the total protection of your private information. You will have to notify us when you come to know that a third party has got your ID and password and have started using it in an illegal manner. If we will get to know that there is unauthorized access, then we would automatically terminate the access without any kind of prior notice to you for your protection only. You can review the privacy policy of the company for more details.

No one will be responsible for keeping you password secure. You will use your ID and password for creating the account and you will be responsible for all the actions which are taken using your password and ID. For creating any account, the age of the member should be more than eighteen years old according to your residential proof in your state or country.

Membership of the site

Who would get the membership of the website? The user who has visited our website and has made an account will be known as the member of Mobilegoo. Once you have registered your account with our company, you will warrant to us that you are of legal age and you are able to form a binding contract for the future. You will have to provide the appropriate information with correct contact information while signing up as a member in Mobilegoo. Make sure that you keep the information updated from time to time.

Using and sharing the information

When you have made your account on Mobilegoo, then you should understand that you can be contacted by any of the Mobilegoo team member or representative. You can be contacted on the mobile number which you have provided or the email you provided while registering yourself as a member of Mobilegoo family. You will be contacted for offering new services and if you respond to these offers, then your information will be subjected to the third party’s terms and conditions.

When you have provided us your contact details, then you also have to agree that Mobilegoo can contact you with the mobile number you have provided which may also result in charges to you. You will also receive mails from the company if you have provided your email ID. You can choose to opt out from the option of email messaging any time you want.

Third party services and websites

The materials and information which is provided on the site and services are only for the general references. It doesn’t totally describe all the terms and conditions of the Mobilegoo services. We provide information from the third parties on our site which includes the final decision of the prices offered for your products, product descriptions and other third-party information. We are not responsible for the appropriateness of the third party information. You are free to deal with the third parties and can control your actual sales. You can do the transactions directly with the third party till it is connected with the Mobilegoo. We cannot control any kind of transactions and sales with the Third parties. Only you and the third party is responsible for all kind of transactions and sales.

You may see additional links on our website which are only for informational purposes and are not any kind of endorsements or referrals by Mobilegoo.